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  • Greg Murray

Fall is here!

We are currently at Rockford Baptist in Rockford, MN. Our meeting here ends tomorrow and we will be leaving after the service to head to Arkansas. Our trailer is going into the shop for some upgrades and repairs on Friday so we have to hustle to get there. We will be in Arkansas for nearly a month and we are looking forward to seeing family while we are there. Our new team cd is almost ready to ship and we are excited! You will be able to purchase it on this site soon. After Arkansas our journey takes us to Florida for a few weeks and then back to our home base in Virginia. I was able to put in a patio and fire pit while we were last home. We're very thankful for the 18 slate pieces that were given to us that makes up the patio and the homestead is getting nicer, little by little. Thanks for the prayers and support!!

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