• Greg Murray

Winter Update

Greetings! I trust that your 2018 is going well. We have just launched our first meeting of the year at Freedom Baptist in Havelock, NC with Pastor Jim Kohr. Our trailer is being worked on at the moment and we are thankful that Grace Baptist in Newport, NC is letting us stay in their mission house for the week. We discovered that the end cap to our 5th wheel was bouncing back and forth a little too much and it was determined that some braces had snapped from a previous "oopsie". We're thankful that this problem was found before it detached in transit, which would have been traumatic to say the least. :) Our schedule for the year still has a few holes in it so we're praying that the Lord would open up a few more opportunities for ministry. Florida will be our temporary home coming up soon and we are looking forward to warmer temperatures! Thanks for your prayer and support. We appreciate it! God bless!!

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